AIM GLOBAL 10th Year Anniversary Events

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Many wanted to experience the 10TH Year Anniversary Celebration of AIM Global , but because of some circumstances, they missed the event so here are What Had Happened in AIM GLOBAL 10th Year Anniversary Celebration held in Philippine Arena, the biggest indoor arena in the whole world.
The Philippines Arena opened the entrance @ 9 AM for the distributors .  So those who arrived early were able to find their seats according to their ticket row and seat number and settle down early.
Early entrance aim global 10th year anniversary

There was a pre-program at 1 PM and it was the AIM GOT TALENT.
Some of the distributors made their performance. Some sang and some danced as their number.  It took about 1 hour and a half then it was followed by the performance of Eli Buendia. One of the well known singer in the Philippines.
aim got talent 10th year anniversaryaim got talent 10 year anniversary
After the AIM GOT TALENT, it was followed by the entrance of the Board of Directors, Top 20, MC, SB, Marketing Team, Training Team, Delegates from different countries and the Hall of Famers.
10th year anniversary of aim global
General Luna , the main actor in the movie Heneral Luna started the program by singing the Philippine National Anthem and made a fascinating introduction to the Board of Directors. The 3 BOD’s made an intermission and welcomed all the people in the Arena for a Big Celebration.
AIM GLOBAL 10th year anniversary National an
Board of Directors entrance Aim global 10th year anniversary

After the BOD’s , it was followed by the Flag Presentation. The flags are for the countries that we have offices as well as the flags of each group.
Flag Presentation aim global 10th year anniversary
It was the appearance of the event Host led by Mr. Arnel Limpin and Jurgen Gonzales after the flag parade.
 Host entrance aim global 10th year anniversary
The Host introduced Art Jonak. He is an MLM GURU who was also the guest speaker in the previous AIMCADEMY TRAINING 1 day prior at Cuneta Astrodome. He thought about prospecting and some motivation.
art jonak aim global 10th yearArt Jonak aim global
After Art Jonak, the master Herbalist Dean Morris was the next on stage. He discussed about the event theme” HERO “. He mentioned of who really is his HERO.
Dean Morris AIm Global 10th year anniversary
Its was then followed with the excellence  award from Natures Way and Naturalife Asia to AIM Global for it’s outstanding performance and sales.
The Nigeria Ambassador in the Philippines also gave an award recognition to it’s undying help to Nigerian Children after the company made an outreach program in Africa and also because of the life changing opportunity that AIM GLOBAL brought to Nigeria which continue to change Nigerians lives from ordinary to extra ordinary Millionaires.
Nigerian Ambassador aim global anniversary
Aim Global 10th year heroes award
After that, it was the presentation of the company journey and milestone from the day AIM GLOBAL started on the industry up to 2015 anniversary last year. We looked back year after year of the anniversary celebration and there were and intermission before each year participated by the top earners, marketing team, training team and the speakers bureau .
aim global 10th year Anniversaryaim global 10th year Anniversary
After the company milestone presentation was the product user testimony. A guy named Jay-Ar who was a singer and a body builder but lost his everything after he suffered from Mild Heart Stroke and then was diagnosed to have a graves disease which mean that he is having a sickness that is not easy to cure. He was also admitted in the hospital for the said serious sickness. Someone has introduced them the product of AIM GLOBAL which is the c24/7 and after sometime of taking the product, he felt the good effect of the product while taking the synthetic medicine maintenance together with the c24/7 natura-ceuticals. He was very thankful of the product and you can see with him the happiness of getting recovered and is hoping to get his voice back and perform again as a singer.
Aim global product testimony 10th year anniversary
The next product user testimony is about a cancer patient. His name is Jommel who was diagnosed to have a stage 2 bone cancer. He lost his right arm due to the need of operation to fight cancer then was diagnosed that the stage 2 progressed to stage 4 cancer. He almost lost his hope but was able to fight against cancer for his family. Someone made a business presentation who opened up to them the product which is the c24/7 that he took mega dossed intake, was able to recovered and then was cleared of bone cancer after he was examined again. It was an amazing product testimony!
aim global testimony 10th year anniversary
After the product testimony was the success story from Uganda named Elias Muhoozi.
For just 1 year and few months of doing AIM GLOBAL, he was able to made almost million pesos per month income. He was jobless when he started AIM GLOBAL, been for 3 years of searching a job when AIM GLOBAL was offered to him. It was full rejection  at firstime he did it, but because of his determination, he was able to make it to the top.
Another Success story was from Nigeria named Joseph. He was also able to make it to the top and inspired Africans that AIM GLOBAL is an opportunity that will truly change their lives.
It was then followed by the intermission number or Mr. John Asperin together with his 2 kids.
 John asperin perfomance in aim global 10th year anniversary
After Mr. John’s dance performance, KZ Tandingan performed her piece. She was the first X factor Philippines first winner. Some of here Songs performed are “Manila Mahal Ko O Mahal”, Flashlight and granted some requests of the audience.
 Kz Tandingan Aim Global 10
 Kz Tandingan Performance aim global 10th year
She performed about 45 minutes then followed by the speech of Dra. Connie Cabantog for the ALIVE foundation. Wieder company announced their donation of $10,000 for the foundation and ofcourse Natures Way made a $30,000 donation .
Wider Donation aim global 10th yearNatures Way Donation AIm Global 10th year
 Doc Ed made some announcement about AIMWorld after ALIVE foundation.
Doc Ed Aim World aim global 10th year
After Doc Ed it was the moment of the new MC’s and GA’s because it’s the time to give them a recognition.
aim global 10th year MCGA aim global 10th year
The wait for a lively performance was over when Bamboo , made an entrance and performed his pieces. He was a famous artist/singer/host in the Philippines.bamboo performance aim global 10th year anniversary
 The members of Directors Club was announced and followed by the TOP 20 Worldwide. The number is still Joseph Lim who made a simple speech giving thanks to AIM GLOBAL and to people who contributed for his success.
Directors Club aim global 10th yearTop 20 worlwide aim global 10th year anniversary
Upline Mylin Ebdane Ebreo made  a speech and thank everybody, AIM GLOBAL and BOD’s for the blessings. It was surprisingly when some other distributors came up stage to show love and thanks to the BOD’s. It was not an ordinary thing to see Doc Ed teared being touched by message and support of Top Earners and seeing how far AIM GLOBAL has gone through. You can feel the sincerity, love and passion all over the Arena in that moment. Everyone was touched to see how company is caring for the distributors.
doc ed cried aim global 10th year anniversary
aim global 10th year anniversary
After this touching moment, the long wait was over for the raffle draw. The first winner for the toyota yaris is from Albay, Bicol Region. The winner for the Mazda 2 is a spo3 policewoman.
Aim global 10th year raffle toyota yaris winnerAim global 10th year anniversary mazda 2winner
James Aquino is the winner of the Montero sports.
aim global 10th year anniversary montero winner
See you again Next Year!

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