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There are over 100 legitimate MLM companies in the Philippines today. If you ask each one of them, who they think is number one; naturally all of them would say it is their company.

The difference with AIM Global is that the claim to be the top networking company in the Philippines did not come from us. It was given by different bodies and organization that clearly saw the numbers in terms of growth and expansion of sales, business centers and distributors.

Numbers do not lie.

Owners can cheat their way thru words, they can exaggerate much about their company profile, wooing people just for them to join their organization and trying to make a claim to be the best in the business, but when it comes to facts and figures, this is where most them fall short.
Again, the numbers do not lie.

In the movie, Jerry Maguire, there was a scene where a football player Rod Tidwell tells Jerry Maguire (played by Tom Cruise) that he is still keeping him as his agent. Over the phone, he asks Jerry to scream on top of his lungs the words, “Show me the money!”

AIM Global has the money.

Last November, we held a ground breaking ceremony for the construction of our twenty three storey building along EDSA. We will have a new home two years from now. We are also building our manufacturing plant in Bulacan. This makes AIM Global not only a source of distribution of product and services but also a manufacturing business.

We have invested so much in upgrading our system. We have improved our DTC (data tracking center). It now allows every distributor a much better, user friendly method of following the progress of their network and income.

MLM training Academy
This year also marked the birth of the one and only MLM training Academy, AIMCADEMY. It serves as a training school for old and new members particularly those who live in the provinces and outside the country. They no longer have the need to wait for the great speakers from Manila to come to their place. With just a click of a button, they could hear Mr. Jurgen Gonzales speak about the Marketing plan or Dr. Butch Villena explaining the use and efficacy of our products. No other MLM company has such incredible training tool to help their distributors in broadening their business.


To be able to fill a big sports ground like the Araneta Coliseum or MOA Arena once is really something to talk about, especially if you are a network marketing company. But to do that at least 2-3 times a year, with a crowd that reaches up to the rafters could really sound unbelievable.

However, AIM Global has been staging sales rally left and right for many years now. This 2014 alone, we have four mega-events. We held our SE and GE (silver and gold executive) awards night last February, we celebrated our 8th year Anniversary in Araneta Coliseum this May, and in August we were in Cuneta Astrodome for our Silver and Gold Executive night. ,last November we held our Mid -year rally at the MOA Arena. On top of this we also held BIG Training with MLM legend Big Al Schweitzer in PICC (Philippine International Convention Center) making us again the first MLM company to use the famous PICC as a facility for a special MLM training.

To end the year with a bang, the last big event we had was on December 8, where we rocked Metrotent in Metrowalk, Ortigas for our Thanksgiving Party.
Amazingly, these events happens not only in the Philippines, but also in other countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Dubai, Kuwait, Singapore, Hong Kong and a lot more. It has been an on-going celebration year after year as AIM Global continues to be bigger and bigger serving millions of people with great products and marketing plan.

Pole Position

AIM Global as an undisputed Network Marketing company is liken to a race car.
Race cars need three major machinery to win. These are the driver, the engine and fuel.
To be a front runner in a MLM industry, we also need three components, which are the owners, the marketing plan and its products.

AIM Global drivers – The Board of Directors

AIM Global drivers the board of directors
Dr. Ed Cabantog, Engr. Francis Miguel, and Mr. John Asperin.
These three has over 50 years of MLM experience between them. They expertly know the ins and outs of the business, they know how it feels to be rejected, insulted, cajoled by negative prospects. In short they knew how it feels to be a distributor, because they themselves at one time in their life became one. What is exciting is that they can teach beginners how they were able to overcome these obstacles and become a successful network marketer just like them.

We believe that among all the assets of our company. The greatest asset is its owners. The best teachers in any industry are the ones who became the best students. Other MLM companies have owners who became successful in Traditional business, but have no experience whatsoever with network marketing. This puts their progress to a great disadvantage since they could not relate much on how their distributors feel in times of adversity.

Dr. Connie Cabantog – Alive Foundation
ALIVE foundation
AIM Global is the only network marketing company that has a charitable body like the ALIVE foundation. We help our less fortunate friends particularly those who were victims of calamities like typhoon and major earthquakes. This further proves that AIM Global is not all about making money, but having a big heart to help the poor and the needy.

AIM Global Engine – the Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan Presentation 2014
AIM has three Marketing Plan, which are the Binary program, Unilevel and Stairstep income.
Other companies have only one or two business plan.
Our compensation plan is designed generously which enables new distributors to earn quickly and strategically because of the safety nets which would enable the company to last for a very long time.
A lot of companies have folded up in the recent years because their strategy is not full proofed to protect its distributors and company itself.

AIM Global Fuel – our Products

Product Presentation
As a giant company like AIM, we then decided to partners with other giants like Nature’s Way USA, DSM in Europe and Amslife in Asia as our product providers.
These giant companies have proven track records in creating the best natural pharma-food supplements in the market today. They are all a Billion dollar, euro and yen companies.
This give us clear advantage over our competitors because as we expand internationally, we are able to tap foreigners from other countries to use, sell and share our products.
In summary, with these credentials AIM Global is now a front runner in the industry of MLM in Philippines today. And very soon, we could also be the best MLM Company in Asia. We have millions of distributors all over the world, and we have yet to reach our tenth year. We are growing bigger and bigger , with more products and more countries to open, do not be surprised if one day AIM could be the largest and biggest network marketing in the WORLD.

AIM GLOBAL awards and citations:

aim global awards and citations

  • – Consumer Choice and Gold Seal Awards

  • – No. 1 Global and Direct Sales Company

  • – No. 1 Nutraceutical Supplement

  • – No. 1 Healthy Coffees

  • – Asian Choice Awards

  • – No. 1 Most Outstanding MLM Direct Sales Company

  • – Most Outstanding Nutraceutical Supplement

  • – Global Awards for Marketing Excellence

  • – Most Outstanding Wellness Technology

  • – Asia Pacific Excellence Award

  • – Most Outstanding Global Marketing company

  • – Asian Star Brand

  • – Most Outstanding nutritional supplement

  • – Asian Business and Marketing Quality Awards

  • – Most Butstanding Nutritional Supplements

  • – Philippine Marketing Excellence Awards

  • – Superbrands

AIM Global products carry its seal as the “Superbrand” in the field of the MLM industry as voted by the Superbrands organization, experts and consumers.
If you want to be the BEST then join BEST!

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