Elvira Nagata Cancer Patient Testimonial

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My name is Elvira Nagata and I am happily married with 3 blessed sports-minded kids living in Hamamatsu, Japan. May 23, 2012 when my left breast was diagnosed with stage 3-C cancer which is considered to be as a strong cancer cell. When a friend learned that I have a cancer, she introduced a product named C24/7 from AIM Global. I did not joined AIM Global at that time because I am not interested in doing networking. I am just a user of AIM Global products. May 16, 2013 I underwent my left breast surgery, but before my surgery I underwent first 8 sessions of chemotherapy while taking AIM Global products and a liquid food supplement supplied by my brother Maui Descaliar with the support of my whole family in the Philippines. I lost my hair in a week after having my 1st session of chemo. I wasn’t upset at that time because for me, everything happen for a reason. They say that I may lost my appetite, but I do believe that GOD has a purpose because He is our Great Healer and I surrender everything to HIM. I didn’t lose my weight, but instead I gain 10 kilos after I finished my 8 sessions. I know and felt that the supplement I am drinking helped a lot too. It’s just a matter of a strong FAITH in whatever I do or I take. Would you believe that I did not feel any pain after the surgery? I did not even take any pain reliever. What I believe is the food supplements that I took for 2 months were a big help for me. I supposedly need to stay 20 days in the Hospital, but in 5 days time I went back home. June of 2013 is my first month check up after surgery since the cancer cell is the strongest one. My doctors advise is for me to undergo 18 sessions of dextrose maintenance that will process once every 3 weeks which I started by month of July. I still continue taking my food supplements from AIM Global, but I stopped the liquid supplement given to me by brother since I want to stick to AIM Global products. I’ve lost my hair in a year, but not my FAITH to LIVE. I haven’t even experienced to be a bed ridden even once. After 18 sessions of my dextrose maintenance, my doctor gave me some prescribed medicine that I will take for 5 years. It’s a hormone balance medicine that is intended to avoid cervical cancer as I could possibly acquire it, according to my doctor, but I did not follow what the doctor said. I stand firm with my decision, I only have breast cancer so how come will I get a cervical cancer? I continue taking AIM Global products and I noticed a big difference since I took these products. I became super energetic as if I don’t get tired. Miracle exists in each everyone of us, as what you Believe and think of it. Having this illness is the REALITY of my LIFE. Yes, I HAVE a Cancer but Cancer Never HAD ME.

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