Do You Know How To Close The Deal?

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Learning how to master the invitation without selling is the first step to close a deal.
If you haven’t mastered the art of inviting. It will change your Network Marketing business forever!

Staying focused is the number one way to sponsor more people into your MLM company

Distractions come at you from every direction. As a network marketer there are only two ways to generate income.
Building relationships, and inviting/prospecting.
If you’re not talking to people every day, building a relationship and inviting them to your business presentation, then you have VERY little chance of making any money.

If you plan to sponsor more people into your mlm company then you have to learn to become a master at inviting.

Notice I didn’t say a master at selling.  Leave the selling to the newbie who will try and recite the entire comp plan and every feature of the product to his prospect.
Seasoned professional Network Marketers will invite rather than sell and will use their tools and upline to do the selling.
Exude confidence and take the attitude that I am going to build this With Or Without You!
If you want to sponsor more people into your MLM company try one of these methods.  Keep it short, simple and somewhat vague, always build suspense and curiosity.  Often times, less is more, and this is one of those times.
You might try one of these approaches and remember, it’s okay to use your own words. Make it YOU but stick as close as possible so you don’t lose the gist of things.
Has the recent economic slowdown had any effect in your life? If I could show you how to make some additional income from home,  would you at least spend 15 minutes reviewing it?
Do you keep your options open when it comes to making some additional money?
Would you be interested in a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you are currently doing?
(Out of town peeps)  Hey you know, I’ve been looking to expand my business in your area but until now, I didn’t know anyone in your city.  If I could show you how to make some additional income without getting in the way with what you’re currently doing, you’d at least take a look it, right?
This may not be for you but I’ve started a new business doing … (whatever you are doing) If you’re interested, great! If not, NO big deal!

If you want to sponsor more people into your MLM company be creative and don’t clobber people over the head with your entire business model, comp plan etc.  It’s not necessary to be a health expert if you are selling some magical juice or weight loss program.

Try one of the above and then invite them to check out a presentation, be it a company webinar or call, a powerpoint, CD , or whatever tools you have at your disposal.  If your company doesn’t have promo material that you are satisfied with, create your own if possible.
The point is, don’t try and spend 40 minutes doing some long drawn out presentation.  Think duplication… If they see you only spending 5 or 10 minutes inviting rather than selling, they will think… Hey, I can do that!

To be successful and to sponsor more people into your mlm company, the 2nd most important role is…  The Follow Up! Without this, you may as well save your breath and never start a conversation about your mlm company.
The follow up should be just as simple as the invitation.  Keep it short and sweet.
Ask them…
So what did you like?
How do you see yourself building it?
How serious are you?
If they are positive and have some questions get a 3 way call started.

Let your team partners do the work for you. Again, this shows them the whole process was nothing more than asking a few key questions, inviting, following up, and getting someone else on the line to answer their questions. Pretty simple right?  We tend to spend far too much time trying to learn everything about our company, the product, comp plan, etc. etc.  Yes, some of that is important but if you focus on talking to people daily, inviting, and following up, you will sponsor a lot more people into your mlm company in a shorter period of time.

Once you sponsor a few more people into your mlm company your confidence will grow and as your confidence grows, you will become unstoppable!


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